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8 Gross Habits That Are Actually Good For You

Published on May 21, 2018
There are some pretty gross habits we all have and can’t get rid of no matter how hard we try. Maybe those terrible habits aren’t that bad for you after all, and you don’t have to do everything possible to get rid of them? It turns out some disgusting things you probably do every day that are actually good for you!
Glamour magazine surveyed 1,000 women and asked them different questions, including whether or not they pee in the shower. Nearly 75% of the poll-takers confessed to having done it at least once in their life. It turns out no matter how gross it sounds, it’s actually good for you.
When we work out, we tend to breathe through our mouth, and this causes it to produce more saliva that interferes with normal breathing. So it’s perfectly fine to get rid of the excess mucus produced from exercising by spitting it out. Chewing gum helps you focus, sharpens your memory, reduces stress, and balances your hormones by raising your cortisol levels.
If you usually try to hold your farts in, you might wanna stop doing that. Holding the gas in can easily cause abdominal pain and bloating. Biting your nails helps your body register the bacteria you get off your nails in its memory bank, so if you encounter a certain strand again, you’ll already have the lymphocytes capable of beating it.
As you’re picking your nose and eating your boogies, you trigger your immune system to release white blood cells in order to defend itself against a certain type of bacteria. And there you go, your system comes out way stronger. Music: TIMESTAMPS Peeing in the shower 0:41 Spitting 1:35 Chewing gum 2:41 Farting 3:40 Burping 4:52 Biting your nails 6:01 Picking your nose and eating your boogers 7:05 Skipping showers 8:29 Disclaimer 9:36 SUMMARY -The uric acid and ammonia in your pee can help prevent fungal growth around your toes. -Spitting can help you breathe more easily as you’re working out and breathing through the mouth. -Chewing gum helps you study and is good for test-taking, even better than caffeine. -Your digestive tract starts producing carbon dioxide and methane about 6 hours after eating, and farting helps your body get rid of these gasses. -Burping is actually good for your stomach since it helps relieve all that gaseous pressure inside. -Biting your nails causes your immune system to start producing white blood cells that help fight bacteria you get off your nails. -Eating boogers may actually help boost your immune system since they contain salivary mucins that can fight cavity-causing bacteria. -If you shower every single day, you wash away your body’s natural oils, leaving it unprotected and dry. -Everything here should be in moderation and only if you feel comfortable about it. Subscribe to Bright Side :

8 Gross Habits That Are Actually Good For You #6 Chewing Gum

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