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AzM BLOG: #Videography (Wedding) Guillermo & Claudia Nov 11, 2017 - Ray Productions

Published on Mar 7, 2018

Making videos or “videography” is different from photography. Video opens up whole scenes to be captured on film, a lot of opportunities, unexpected results, and surprises. 

Not only do you have to continue to think about what makes a great shot, you now have sound and movement issues to factor in.  So while videography is much more fun, it also can be a lot more work.
You are trying to find a middle ground when you start offering video as part of your services.  You know that anybody can bring a camcorder and capture video streams.  These days they can even do it with their phone.  But you want to create a more professional shot than the high school kid with a camcorder.  Then again, you are not trying to win an academy award here.  

So the level of professionalism has to be better than amateur so you can justify charging for it but it doesn’t have to be great art to be a good video that the customer will be happy with. 
Lighting is something that must be part of your preplanning so you have sufficient light so the action and facial reactions are easy to pick out on the video.  Outdoors, keep the sun behind you if at all possible.  Indoors, scout out how the existing lighting will look on video during the hours that you will be shooting.  If they are not sufficient, you should get in there and set your lights in place well in advance of the event and work with the event organizers so they know your lights

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us lovely moments from a beautiful wedding. I am also counting the days until my wedding next month. The venue is one of the event space San Francisco and the wedding planners for the event are one of the best in the city. Everything is going great so far with the arrangements and my excitement is growing every day.


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