Monday, November 13, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT: #Music (Hip Hop) #USA To The Moon - Phora

Phora - To The Moon [Official Music Video]

Released: June 16, 2017
Recorded: 2016-2017
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Warner Bros Records
Songwriter(s): Phora
Producer: Eskupe and Anthro Beats

LYRICS (Chorus) She said she never been in love, All she did give her love, Everyone they only take her love, So U Scared of love, I don't blame you love,
Let me be the one to show U love, That need somebody just to hold you love, That show U off like a trophy love, Can I be your one n only love, I just want to be, I think you're the one, Girl you shouldn't be so scared to fall in love (Verse 1: ) Let me love you, Show me how, Lift me up, I'll Hold you down, My love is real, I know you need it, I know you crave it, I know you fiend it, It's not your shape, Not your size, Not your curves, Not your thighs, Not your lips, Not your eyes, It's your soul and everything inside, That makes me feel, The way I feel, My love for you, Was always real, Early mornings, Later nights, We Never sleep, Let me stay the night, My love for you it never fades, My love for you it never dies, U take me to another place, Just because U breathing don't mean U alive... (CHORUS) (Verse 2) Take me far, Far away, Find a place, We'll find a way, Don't let me leave, Just Tell me stay, And tell me everything you wanna say, My love for you, Is like a rose, That never dies, But only grows, U pushed away, I held U close, Baby you an angel heaven knows, Broken hearts, Broken dreams, Broken trust, Broken wings, I know your hurt But Let me fix it, Show me every scar and let me kiss it, We follow dreams, They take us far, To the moon, To the stars, All we want, The world is ours, Through all the pain, N all the scars, The world is mine, What's mine is yours, Your love is true, Your heart is pure, Always ready, But never sure, When I get lonely baby you're the cure, My love for you it never fades, My love for you it never dies, I never wanna drift away, Cuz I was never good at good-byes, I think you're the one.

To The Moon - Phora

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