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ENTERTAINMENT: #Music (Meditation) 432 Hz Theta Binaural Beats - Power Thoughts

DEEP Theta Binaural Beats ➤ LET GO of Overthinking, 

Fear & Worries ➤ 432Hz Meditation & Relaxation

Published on Oct 5, 2017

Fear, worries and overthinking is not a natural state. It is learned behaviour. It´s not "just who I am". It is a habit. It´s a skill. If you overthink and worry a lot, then you have practiced doing that over time. That is why it is easy to do it. We get good at what we practice.
This audio is created to be used as a tool for releasing and let go of this behaviour and substitute those emotions with more calm and easy. The music itself is quite ambient and "dark", and it may trigger fear and anxiety to come to surface while listening, for some it doesn´t. If it does, just keep listening while focusing on those feelings that come. Do this over time, and the intensity will fade. Your body´s way of naturally releasing "negative emotions" is done by allowing oneself to feel it. After a session with this one, stand up and stretch, BREATHE, go for quick walk, do some push ups, jump up and down - just move your body in some way for a couple of minutes (this enhances the healing process).
Remember to breathe! :)
In this audio: Two different binaural beats mixed together: one 5,5Hz binaural beats created with 432Hz and 437,5Hz, and one with 174Hz and 178,5Hz. Binaural beats are created by having to different frequencies in stereo (one left and one right), where the difference between the two create one frequency together. Here´s an example: the left frequency is set to lets say 432Hz, and the right frequency is set to 437,5Hz. The difference between the two (437,5 - 432 = 5,5Hz) creates the frequency of the binaural beat. Our brain interprets the difference. This is how we can "hear" frequencies below the 20 - 20000Hz hearing range.
The chanting is in 432Hz. Listening to 432Hz music resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 432Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of seperation. It expands our hearts and make us more compassionate and loving.
TIPS: Use headphones to get the full benefit of the binaural beats! We would recommend listening to this audio for a minimum of 15 minutes per day (continuously) with over a period of 28 days for maximum benefit.
We are forever grateful to everyone that supports us just by tuning in to our channel, and for all you who buy our meditations, solfeggios and music! You make it POSSIBLE for us to continue our life purpose! From our hearts we Thank You!
We are very proud of our hard work and commitment to create HIGH quality Guided Meditations, Affirmation audios, Hypnosis sessions, Solfeggios and Relaxing Music. We put our Heart and Soul into every video we create with the intention to create something valuable for YOU, so you can walk the path of life feeling much more positive, conscious and empowered.

Our a grand mission and life-purpose to raise the energy vibration of our planet and to make this world a more Loving - Peaceful and Joyful place for ALL life. To help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our audios to awaken to that awesome POWER we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates and let the pure lifeforce from YOUR HIGHER SELF flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey.
For Your Freedom, Love and Joy,
Kenneth & Alexander - PTMC
DEEP Theta Binaural Beats

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