Sunday, September 17, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT: #Music (Meditation) Advanced Heartbeat Shamanic Drums - LOKOS TV NOW

Extraordinary States of Consciousness⎪High States of Meditation⎪Advanced Heartbeat Shamanic Drums

Extraordinary States of Consciousness High States of Meditation Advanced Heartbeat Shamanic Drums ◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎ ◉ Headphones or without Headphones possibility This Music has been tuned to 430,4 Hz and 60 Bpm it meets the 512 Hz sequence Notes of 4 Hz Multiples it features: ☯ 512 Hz Multiples of 4 Hz - Ascension Chakra ► Vibration ☯ 0.1 - 0.5 Hz Extraordinary States of Consciousness ► Frequency ☯ 40 Hz Brain's Operating System ► Frequency ☯ Advanced Heartbeat Shamanic Drums ☯ Tibetan Bowls
About Below 0.5 Hz Frequency: ♡ Intent: Extraordinary States of Consciousness Below 0.5 - Epsilon range, extraordinary states of consciousness. High states of meditation, ecstatic states of consciousness. High-level inspiration states, spiritual insight, out-of-body experiences. Yogic states of suspended animation. ▲ Links: ⬊ List of Frequencies: ◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎ ONLINE MUSIC STORE: NOW AVAILABLE iTunes/ Apple Store, Shazam, Google Play, Deezer, etc LOKOS TV NOW MEDITATION DMT ENERGY MANIFESTATION BODY | MIND | SPIRIT | ENLIGHTENMENT UNCONSCIOUS | SUBCONSCIOUS | CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENING | ASCENSION | AWARENESS | ACTIVATION SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY ENERGY UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS | ACCEPTANCE | LOVE AWAKENING THE ONE WITHIN YOU EXTREMELY POWERFUL ◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎ Our Goal is to achieve the UNCONDITIONAL GRATEFULNESS FOR EXISTENCE WELCOME TO THE INFINITE PROCESS OF CREATION MANIFEST DMT LOKOS TV NOW MEDITATION SUBSCRIBE BY CLICKING THE BELL ETERNAL ONENESS NAMASTE ◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎

LOKOS TV NOW Meditation

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