Friday, September 15, 2017

ENTERTAINMENT: #Music (EDM) Top 100 FREE EDM songs (+links) (2.0) | No Copyright Songs

Top 100 FREE EDM songs

 (+links) (2.0) | No Copyright Songs

All the songs that appear in this video are FREE DOWNLOAD, this means that don't have copyright.
LINKS ARE IN THE PINNED COMMENT!! In this video you will find Progressive House songs, Big Room songs, Hardcore songs, Psy-trance songs, Hardstyle songs, Frenchcore songs, heavy and melodic dubstep songs, Future Bass songs...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) In this video I have considered the EDM encompassing electronic music, I mean, EDM as Electronic Dance Music and not as the repetitive genre that we know nowadays En este vídeo he considerado el EDM englobando la música electrónica, es decir, EDM como Electronic Dance Music y no como el género repetitivo que conocemos hoy en dia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you create Mashups? Do you create songs? Do you have any ideas for some video you want me to do? Send me what you want here: --------- Creas Mashups? Creas canciones? Tinenes alguna idea para algun video que quieres que haga? Enviame lo que quieras aquí:

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