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AzM MARKETPLACE: #Florida (Deerfield Beach) Sony GV-HD700 HDV Video Walkman VCR $650

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Sony GV-HD700 HDV Video Walkman VCR $650

Sony GV-HD700 HDV Video Walkman VCR
AC-L100 AC Adapter
Power Cord
A/V Video Cable
USB Cable
Remote Control

It offers the ability to record SD resolution and play back HDV resolution, view content on its built-in 7" TFT 16:9 LCD screen, or output 1080/60i and 720/30p signals to an HD display. 

This versatile deck is designed with professional features like x.v.Color Technology, crystal clear still/slow-motion playback, MiniDV SP/LP record/playback, IEEE-1394 (DV) interface, component output, and 12-Bit/16-Bit PCM digital audio recording.

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The Sony GV-HD700 offers professional reliability and superb functionality in the field or in the studio. Its portable, lightweight design ensures ease of use in a variety of video productions, making it an ideal acquisition tool for producers, directors, DPs, editors, and any camera rig operator.

x.v.Color Technology
Capable of passing the x.v.Color signal recorded by your Sony HD camcorder to your compatible HDTV. With the ability to reproduce nearly twice as many (1.8x) viewable colors.

DV format offers up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution and significantly higher S/N ratio to provide stunning video performance. It offers up to 60 minutes of digital (SP) recording, or up to 90 minutes (LP), on one MiniDV cassette.

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i.LINK DV In/Out (IEEE 1394) enables editing or dubbing between another Digital camcorder, VCR or computer equipped with DV Capture Card, with virtually no generation loss.

Digital Program Editing
Built in assemble editor lets you mark cut-in and cut-out points for up to 20 separate scenes. Use the walkman as your source while controlling via infrared, almost any remote-capable camcorder or VCR as your recorder.

Records PCM digital audio in two modes: 16-bit mode for CD-quality stereo sound on one track, while the 12-bit mode records stereo on two tracks so you can add background music or voice-overs.

7" Display
Incorporates a 7" color LCD screen with Active Matrix technology to provide clear, accurate colors for on-the-spot playback of recordings.

Analog In/Out
Increasing your creative possibilities, analog in/out makes it possible to connect your video walkman to a range of analog devices. Once connected you're able to edit sounds and images between the two and produce original films with a personal touch. Also lets you preserve your analog library by copying it onto a digital format.
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Sony GV-HD700 HDV $800 Call 754-222-3017 10am to 5pm East Coast Time 

Playback Zoom
While playing back your images on this unit, it allows you to edit your images by zooming in (up to 2 times) and cropping your picture (up, down, left, right). You can save the new image as a separate file. Resize lets you save a copy of an image to a smaller or larger file size.

USB Terminal
USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a computer industry standard that is designed to simplify interconnection between digital equipment such as A/V devices and computers. It makes quality, higher-volume data transfer possible between your video walkman and PC, printer or other equipped device via a simple, one cable connection. 

Sony GV-HD700 HDV $800 Call 754-222-3017 10am to 5pm East Coast TimeUSB Image Capture function lets you stream live and recorded moving images to PC via USB port.

Memory Stick Duo Media Slot
Capture digital still images up to 1440 x 810 resolution from video-tapes, analog inputs or digital video i.LINK input, directly onto Memory Stick media (sold separately). The images can be easily transferred to PCs for emailing, printing or sharing with other compatible Memory Stick devices (sold separately).

L and M Series Info-Lithium Battery Compatibility
Compatible with both L and M series Info-Lithium batteries. It offers the ability to charge the battery at anytime, because unlike NiCad (Nickel Cadium) batteries, Sony's rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are not subject to a life shortening "memory effect". Sony's exclusive AccuPower meter displays the battery time remaining in minutes, on the LCD screen

Sony GV-HD700 HDV

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