Friday, July 21, 2017

NEWS: #USA (Florida) Hialeah - Man Shoots AT&T Truck Because They Parked In Front Of His House

FULL VIDEO: Florida homeowner shoots at AT&T trucks, upset they were parked outside his home

Hialeah Florida Man Shoots At AT & T Truck Because They Parked In Front Of His House. Turns out the man was a retired Firefighter.

Jorje Jove didn't like the AT&T work trucks in front of his Hialeah home Wednesday morning. So, he retrieved his revolver and began shooting out the tires and the engine, police said. Though Jove began firing to kill only a vehicle, a Hialeah sergeant says he saw Jove fire at an AT&T worker in a raised bucket lift.

Hialeah police arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm and criminal mischief. He posted $30,000 bond. Police seized the handgun from Jove, who doesn’t have a concealed weapons permit, according to the arrest affidavit.

Cell phone video rolled as Jove, 64, calmly walked around the first truck and shot at all four tires. The sound of the air coming out of the tires followed the blast.

Jove then walked to the second bucket truck and began shooting at the front of it, reloading the gun several times. Meanwhile, one of the AT&T workers could be heard calling police to report the shooting.

“He's shooting the truck right now,” said a man who identified himself as Derrick Taylor, a technician with AT&T. “There's a guy shooting the tires and shooting the engines and everything.”
As Taylor spoke to the dispatcher, Jove continued his attack on the trucks.

Hialeah police confirmed Wednesday afternoon that at about 11 a.m. Wednesday, the workers were parked outside 620 SE Fifth Place when Jove walked outside with a gun.

“Apparently the homeowner was upset the trucks were parked in front of his driveway,” said Hialeah Sgt. Carl Zogby in an email.

Taylor, who stood at a distance from Jove, told the dispatcher that another worker could be in danger.
“Someone’s up in the bucket truck and he can’t come down because he’s shooting the truck,” he said.

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