Tuesday, June 27, 2017

NEWS: #Technology ( Crowd Funding ) Kickstarter Gold: Science Abridged

Kickstarter Gold: Science Abridged

What's This Anyway?

In 2015, we put out a book of religion-themed comics. As a bonus reward, we completely rewrote The Bible, abridged down to a few sentences or less per chapter.
To our surprise, the mini-Bible ended up being one of the most popular books we'd ever published. So, when Kickstarter contacted us about remixing an old item for Kickstarter Gold, it was the first thing that sprang to mind.
Rather than just reworking an old project, we wanted to do something 100% new. So, the logical next step was to abridge science. All of it. 
In this new book, every major field of science is summarized in a small section, containing the history, major insights, specific subdisciplines, and recent developments of that field. We also provide at least one important chart for each branch of science.

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