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ENTERTAINMENT: #WebSeries (Original Series) Project S.E.R.A. [Ep. 2] - IGN Start

Published on Jan 30, 2013

Project: S.E.R.A. follows Gillian Eames (Julia Voth) and Lt. Riggins (Derek Theler) as they race against the clock to stop the black market sale of a highly volatile biological agent that was originally designed by the military to expedite the recovery of soldiers wounded on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

S.E.R.A or Simpson Eames Regeneration Agenda was founded in 2004 by
Senator William Simpson and General Dennis Eames. S.E.R.A.'s primary
objective was to create a drug that would expedite soldiers' recoveries
from battlefield injuries.

The first iteration of the drug, SERA-130, was made available to the armed
services in 2009. SERA-130 had a 65% success rate allowing soldiers to
redeploy to the front lines in record time. In 2010, a new variant, SERA-131,
increased that success rate to 100%. Mysteriously, in early
2012 the program was abruptly shut down. All known stores of SERA-131
were believed to have been destroyed. But rumors surfaced that samples of
SERA-131 were being sold on the black market. Government and military
agencies have yet to acknowledge such allegations...

GILLIAN EAMES: At a young age Gillian's mother was murdered in front of her. In response, her father, a decorated General, trained her in hand to hand combat and guns. She works at a highly secret government agency specializing in mapping for the military.

LIEUTENANT RIGGINS: A decorated, former Seal Team 6 member. At one
time, served under General Eames. His left arm was blown off by an IED during a bloody battle in Ramadi. When Riggins returned home, he was awarded the Silver Star. He was patient zero for Project: S.E.R.A., the first successful test subject to grow back an entire arm.

Project S.E.R.A. [Ep. 2] - IGN Start

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