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ENTERTAINMENT: #Music ( EDM ) Chemical Brothers "Under The Influence" Mix 2

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Another Chemical Brothers song I couldn't find on Youtube. This was on the bonus disc of the Singles 93-03 collection released in 2003. The original Under The Influence from the 1999 album Surrender is one of my favorite Chemical songs. This one is not as good as the original but it's still a great song, it's always nice to see a little bit of experimenting.

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Ed Simons said of the album cover "We liked the idea of everyone else sitting down and being chilled out and just one person really getting it, like one of our gigs in the Midwest, actually"

The magazine stated, however, in February 1999 the duo were confronted with a novel problem: they had, in Simons' words "about two weeks" to sort out an album cover, plan a live show, and do endless promotional duties in Japan. At one point, the image that was used as the single cover for "Out of Control", released later in 1999, was intended to be the album cover of Surrender

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