Monday, March 5, 2012

AzM BLOG: #ART (Comic Book Art) THE AVENGERS #1 Renner & Johansson - Ben Temples

THE AVENGERS #1 Renner & Johansson - Ben Temples

Since I have a few Avengers blanks and the movie is coming in two months, I'll probably be doing a few of these. 

I did realize afterward that maybe one of the two figures should have been someone with a splashy costume. Instead of my complaining that it consists of the only normal non-powered people in the group, I'll just call it the theme of the image instead.

I drew Scarlett in first and then had to flip it over and completely draw Renner upside down. Being right-handed I would have been dragging my hand across the existing image smudging it up to draw him in right-side-up. This format makes me work a little smaller than I'd like, but there's still some good detailed work in this piece.

I'm trying to figure out a solution to the small personal aesthetic issue I'm having with solid blacks as I'm not sure whether filling them in with ink is the right move or not. Anyway, I'm happy with how it came out. Maybe I'll try and either do a painted one or a color pencil cover after this next one I've already planned.

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