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AzM BLOG: #ART (Comic Book Art) THE AVENGERS #221 Homage Sketch Cover - Ben Temples

THE AVENGERS #221 Homage - Ben Temples

After taping off all of the boxes, it only took a few minutes before "what the hell am I doing?" 

Was the predominant thought echoing around in my head. I had this strange inspiration to do a version of the classic (at least to me) cover of issue 221. Unfortunately, doing nine tiny portraits didn't become a bad idea until after the planning stage. 

Here's the image, I'll talk about the individual squares below it.  Basically, the idea of the original cover to issue 221 was to tease that there was going to be a new lineup of Avengers and it pictured a wide range of Marvel heroes. While I agree that Agent Coulston isn't a "super-hero", I was short one head for a nine square grid so he'll do fine. 

Drawing tiny portraits is tough for me because even if I'm off by 1/16 of an inch when drawing the features, it will usually throw the likeness off. I wasn't going to enter crazy anal pucker time tracing reduced copies or drawing grids, so the attitude became do your best but do each box as quick as you can without compromising too much on the finished product. As a whole, I think its fine, but some portraits are more successful than others. Oftentimes you don't realize something's wrong until too much work has been done where erasing a whole area would translate into being a total messy nightmare. 
  • Black Widow: I think the features look like her in relation to each other (eyes, nose, mouth) but I think I might have made the head a little too slender. She has a round face. At least rounder than my drawing ended up. The features may also be just a tad too big for the head height-wise
  • Captain America: With the helmet on there's less pressure to make it look like someone specific, just make sure the proportions are correct. 
  • Thor: there's something off on this one where it doesn't specifically resemble Chris Hemsworth. Somewhere in the eyes and maybe also the nose. It all looks right to me, just not all that much like him.
  • Nick Fury: this isn't a complete home-run either, but it's very very close.
  • Loki: the eye placement is low and maybe a bit too wide-set.
  • Iron Man: I think I got this one right, 10 out of 10 dentists who know who RDjr is will recognize this drawing as being of him. The temptation to draw his helmet instead of his actual face was like low-hanging fruit, but I'm glad I chose the tougher road since the end result was good. 
  • Hulk: The other one where likeness wasn't really an issue. Like the Captain America portrait, get the proportions looking right and avoid Picassoface.
  • Hawkeye: I think I got this one correct too. Maybe a little chubby though? 
  • Agent Coulston: Almost as close as the Hawkeye and Iron Man portraits in regards to the likeness. If anything, the right side of his face (our right, his left) might need to be thinned down just an itsy-bitsy  teeny-tiny bit.
Oh, and here's the original cover to issue 221: 

Marvel Comics: The Avengers #261

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