Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ENTERTAINMENT: #TRAILERS (Movies) The Hunger Games "District 3"

 The Hunger Games "District 3"

We bring innovation to Panem with our vigilant study of the art, skill, and craft of technology. Moving Panem forward! Welcome to District 3.

District 3's main industry is electronics. They specialize in televisions, automobiles, and explosives. Before the rebellion it was one of the richest districts in Panem.

 In Catching Fire during the victory tour, Katniss notices this is one of the districts along with 8 and 4 that shows the most happiness to see her, suggesting that they are one of the more rebellious districts. 

It is implied in Catching Fire that their citizens lived in abject poverty, as they were one of the first districts to start an uprising.

 Most of its inhabitants work in factories and are very well adept with engineering. The bread from this district is bite-sized square-shaped rolls.

 The Hunger Games "District 3"

 The Hunger Games "District 3"

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  1. I loved District 3 boy! He made me cry when he died!!!


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