Sunday, December 25, 2011

A.M COMICS: Know Your Meme - Trollface

Trollface is a meme designed with the intention of translating the look that one imagines to appear on every single face of anyone who is an actual internet troll.

For those who have been hiding under a rock and don’t know what a troll is, it is important to know that these creatures crawl across the internet causing trouble wherever they go. 

Their main purpose in life is to wreak havoc wherever they go, spewing invectives and harassing other internet users, generally in internet forums. 

They are the scum on the bottom of the internet’s shoe. 

Trolls cannot be eradicated, and this meme plays a crucial part in fighting back from the onslaught of trollage that has overtaken the web. 

While trolls love to mock and insult, they really hate it when it is done to them.

 It’s not much of a defense, but it helps a lot of people feel better, and it is a universal experience that just about everyone can share. 

This meme does not have a fixed format per se, but the common feature that makes it recognizable no matter what format it is put in is the face itself, which has graced numerous places during its lifespan.

Some of the most common comments made by troll are:

He is died?
U Mad?
U Mad Bro?

And basically any thing that will trigger rage or insult some one :)

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