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Azorian Media LLC- AzM Services & Prices

Azorian Media LLC- Services & Prices

AzM: Website Design- "Economy Package" $300.00
Website Design

Economy Package - $300.00 

Up to 10 pages can be created with unique graphics and user friendly navigation. All necessary web graphics, gadgets or applications are plugged in to fit your needs, along with integrating  social media pages you may already have online. Your company will have a professional looking website that clearly highlights your product or services to all internet visitors or local clients that wish to know more about your company.

AzM: Website Design- "Professional Package" $600.00
Professional Package - $600.00 

 Up to 25 pages can be created! This package gives you everything the basic package offers but in addition we also create, redesign and integrate your social media networks like Facebook,Twitter, Google Plus, etc.. into your website. This will give your company a streamlined communication platform and ability to market your brand with an affordable marketing budget.

AzM: Website Design- "Extended Support" $800.00

Extended Support Package - $800.00 

With the extended package  up to 35 pages can be created you also get one year of tech support, social media marketing assistance via re-posts, shared links,  two free pages created per month  in addition to your first 35 pages and organic search engine optimization. We will drive internet traffic to your website that best fits your niche and the audience for your business.

AzM: Website Design- "Other Services"
Other Services

$200.00 One Year Marketing & IT Support-  One Year of Social Media Marketing & IT Support, two free pages created per month. After one year as an Azorian Media client and experiencing for yourself our marketing and IT support service you can extend this service annually.

$100.00 Logo Design- Our graphic designers will work closely with you to create an unique logo that fits the vision and identity you have for your company. We drawn our inspiration from your company's mission statement , products or services to design a logo that draws attention and is simple to duplicate into any  marketing campaign your company may engage in the future. 

We view a companies logo to be a very important part of any business, its the image customers remember along with the face of your brand and company.

$150.00 Consulting Service - Already have a website but not happy with the results? Hire one of our web publishing experts for 8 hours, we will integrate all social media channels into your website, coach you on the various apps and web applications to streamline your online presence and at the end of the day, you will have the confidence to manage your own online marketing for your business.

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